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Gaze Partnerships offers wholesale investors an opportunity to co-invest in property developments led by an experienced team with decades of expertise and in-house design and project management capabilities. Our partnership model empowers investors to share in our mutual prosperity.

Property development can be difficult to navigate, with high barriers to entry. Our mission is to leverage internal capabilities and experience developed over 40 years to allow wholesale investors to invest in carefully managed, property developments with the aim of delivering optimised returns.

In our commitment to transparency, security and simplicity, we proudly invest alongside our clients, fostering a relationship built on trust. We take pride in delivering quality investments and in offering unwavering support to our clients throughout their investing journey.

We are excited to announce our latest offer in Kingsland Property Development Limited Partnership (Kingsland LP).

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Kingsland Property Development Limited Partnership

A residential property development strategically located in a premium, Auckland city-fringe suburb. Offering wholesale investors defined liquidity and investment tenor, it distinguishes itself by being entirely free from bank debt. The partnership targets a preferred return of 12% per annum* for qualifying investors. By leveraging our in-house expertise through Gaze Commercial and acting as the main contractor, we can provide significant cost savings and subsequent value to our partnership investors.

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